June 20, 2024

(BPT) – Spring is the season of renewal and the perfect time to make a home improvement and maintenance checklist so you’re ready for the months ahead.

Whether you’re settling into a new home that needs some work or improving your current one, here are some tips to help you get a head start on your home maintenance routine, courtesy of the smart home security experts at SimpliSafe:

Clean the gutters

They may not be the most glamorous part of a home, but they do an essential function. It’s important to take time to clean leaves and debris out of the gutters and downspouts to ensure proper drainage. Reattach gutters that are loose and make sure downspouts are facing away from the house to prevent water from damaging the home’s foundation. As an extra safeguard, consider outfitting your basement with smart water sensors so you’ll be notified before spring thawing turns into costly leaks and water damage.

Test the air conditioning

Make sure your air conditioning units are in working order before the summer heat arrives by cleaning the units and their filters of any accumulated dust. When filters are clogged, air can’t easily pass through the unit, meaning it’ll have to work harder to cool your home, and in turn, increase your utility costs. A bit of extra effort cleaning the unit will ensure a smooth-running system and lower cooling costs.

Trim bushes and overgrowth

Tidying the landscape around your home not only helps elevate the appearance of your property but can also eliminate unnecessary wear. Shrubs, bushes, and trees in full bloom can often rub against your home’s windows and siding, potentially damaging window glass or exterior paint. Before taking shears to every branch, be sure to ask your local gardening center for trimming tips to keep your home and greenery healthy for years to come.

Upgrade your home security

You’ve done several tasks to preserve your home from harm, but to really safeguard your property, you need a home security system. More than just deterring intruders, a home security system helps protect your family in the case of fires, medical emergencies, water damage and more. It can also add a sense of comfort during the summer months when you’re more likely to travel, taking the anxiety out of leaving your home unattended.

Research home security providers

Companies like SimpliSafe offer comprehensive, award-winning, easy-to-use products that can protect your home inside and out, with window and door sensors, smoke detectors, smart locks, cameras, video doorbells and more. You can build your own system or choose from a variety of pre-curated packages, including The Essentials and The Haven. Setting up the system won’t take you long, and if you’re moving somewhere new, you can bring your system with you and expand on it as needed. And if something does go awry, SimpliSafe’s team of best-in-class monitoring professionals have your home and loved ones looked after.

Maintain outdoor wood surfaces

Wood is a wonderful natural material used frequently in outdoor spaces like patios and pergolas, but it requires proper upkeep to maintain its appearance and strength. Check your deck, stairways and other spaces made from wood for hazards like warped boards and loose nails so you can make repairs. Wood furniture may also need a fresh coat of stain or paint to fix any chips or fading, help protect the wood, prevent splinters, and boost your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Examine the roof

No matter where you live, the winter months and weather can cause stress on your roof. Walk around your house and look for missing shingles or damage.