June 20, 2024

Have you found the person of your dreams? Are you ready to propose and spend the rest of your life with her? Have you thought about how to make your marriage proposal extra special and romantic? Hopefully, you can envision an experience that she will never forget. After dating your special someone over a set amount of time, you should have an idea of what would make your proposal extraordinary and unforgettable for both of you. The first and most important thing you can do is to make sure she has the same thoughts about your future together as you do. Hopefully, she is openly suggesting and talking about a long-term future together. If she has not, before you propose, especially if it is in a public setting, you will need to nonchalantly find out if she will say “Yes” to your marriage proposal. Once you are certain her response will be “Yes”, you should craft your proposal around the assumption that most women like the idea of being surprised when asked for their hand in marriage.

After you are assured that the one you love will say “Yes” to your marriage proposal, you will need to ask permission from her father. This is an old tradition, but if you skip it, you will likely be making a grave mistake. If you fail to ask her father, she may say “No” until she talks to her parents, and you may upset your future father-in-law, possibly forfeiting financial assistance to help pay for the wedding.

Personally, I dated my wife for two years prior to asking for her hand in marriage. I was confident that she would say yes because of the numerous hints and discussions about our future together. At one such instance, when we were on vacation together in Las Vegas, she surprised me by telling me she wanted to get married while we were in Vegas. I refused, but I knew I would be asking for her hand in marriage within the next few months. So, I planned a mini vacation to Niagara Falls. When we got there, I took my future fiancé out to an elegant meal, and then arranged for a horse-drawn carriage to pick us up in front of the restaurant. After we both sat down in the carriage, the driver presented my future wife with two dozen red roses. To say the least, she was very surprised. We then continued to talk for the next few minutes as we proceeded to the falls. The driver stopped at a scenic spot in front of the falls, and I got down on my knee and pulled out a diamond ring from my pocket and asked for her hand in marriage. After a few tears and many kisses, I heard the words “Yes, I would love to marry you”.

Everyone’s relationship is different. Only you know what your potential future wife is passionate about, what her future aspirations are, and what she loves most about you. So, in crafting your marriage proposal keep in mind the following essential pieces:

• Make the Event Fit Your Personalities – Some couples may want to share the event with their family and friends, or they may want to have a private celebration. Make sure the event is something that she loves to do, maybe a sentimental location or something you’ve done with her in the past that she really enjoyed. Also, make sure the date you plan with her is a surprise.

• Pick out a Ring – Make sure the cost of the ring is within your financial budget. If she loves you the size of the ring should not matter.

• Flowers – Women love flowers. It’s just one more way you can show her how special she is to you.

• Ask for Permission from Her Father – It may be an old tradition, but one that is still followed by most people today. Make sure you ask for permission from her father prior to asking for her hand in marriage.

• Important Words – Even though you might be nervous, you must specifically ask the phrase “Will you marry me?”

Just remember, your marriage proposal should be an once-in-a-lifetime extra special occasion. Carefully plan out the day and make sure your future fiancé is ready and willing to say “Yes”. I’m sure you’ll be nervous, but don’t forget the basic elements to a successful marriage proposal. Good luck.