June 24, 2024

Nov. 17, 1921

Third Avenue was vacated and discontinued from the south line of Thirteenth Street to the south line of Eighth Street at a special meeting of the city commission last evening. C.R. Smith, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, was the only person to appear at the duly advertised public hearing on the matter. He explained that the street closing was desired to make room for the new iron foundry, foundations for which were laid recently, west of the iron furnace. The city previously had authorized its officials to trade city lots for those held by private parties which would be affected by the street closing. The holdings are in the Improvement Board Addition, which is designed for industrial purposes. Had there been any objections it would have been impossible to have closed the street last night as only three of the commissioners were present. Commissioner Albert H. Rupers is hunting and commissioner Victor H. Given is ill in bed. Absence of objections made a two-thirds vote unnecessary, however.

Nov. 17, 1971

Windows on the east side of a house being built by students of the Wexford-Missaukee Vocational Education School were broken Monday night or early Tuesday morning, Cadillac City Police reported. Rocks, tree limbs and concrete pieces, believed to have caused the damage, were found at the building site on Chestnut Street at Vick Road, police said. Damage is estimated at $503, police reported. Students from nine area high schools have been working since February to complete the house under the direction of Bob Deck, vocational director, and Roye Meis, building trades instructor. The house is to be sold and profits would finance a similar project next year.

Nov. 17, 1996

Opening day of firearm deer season caused an unusually high number of car-deer accidents, according to area police. State Police in Cadillac responded to 11 calls with the number likely to rise. Dispatcher Lisa Shoemaker, from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department, was so busy taking calls she couldn’t stop to count. “It’s terrible, we’ve got people walking in at all the departments with their reports.” Wexford County deputies were out on just three calls Friday, but added four late Thursday night. Missaukee County’s numbers were similar. Sgt. Mike Forbes, from the Cadillac Post, warned motorists to drive slow and be alert. “Especially in the early morning and evening,” he said, “it seems as the hunters are going in and out of the woods, the deer are running out.”