June 18, 2024

Yesterday and the day before that I had a presentation together with one Australian guy a Managing Director of EurotaxGlass’s Mr. Santo Ammodio and also with the ISM CEO Mr. Carl. The meeting was an eye opener I believe to everybody since the system for car valuation is like a must for every motor industry especially to Finance, Fleets, Insurance, and Car Dealer and so on and so forth.

With the recent fuel hike recently many people are conscious to know what will be the effect to the automotive industry. How much will the car priced after the increasing of recent fuel price and what are the effects to the consumers and the industry as a whole.

With this questions and doubt many have had in their minds, a precise and comprehensive system to determine the current market price taking into consideration the recent fuel hike is a gift to everybody I believe.

The system will work as a benchmark to everyone especially those in the automotive industry. As for individual consumers, they can access to the system free at this website: [http://carprices.ism.net.my]

However, for those who live in Australia, they can easily get access at this website http://glassguide.com.au for more information in current market price for each vehicle.

Nonetheless, those who live in the UK, can have access to their website.

With the system available for everyone, I believe we can have more transparency in dealing with every parties for trade in and finance the used or new vehicles in the future.