June 18, 2024

Tom Kraeutler co-host of The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show has some fall tips for us.

If you ever tried to put something together that involves screws like Ikea furniture or you’re trying to put a doorknob together and screws get stripped and it’s a hassle. Tom says DAP has something called Tank Bond Liquid Grip. He says only put one drop of this on top of the screwhead and you get seven times the more grip. It works on screws you are putting in and those you are taking out. It cleans up easy with a paper towel. You can find it at Lowes stores nationwide.

A unique watering can from Centurion brand and it is called a foldable watering can. As you fill it up with water it expands, and it holds a gallon and a half of water. Tom says as you use it, it collapses so it saves space. It has a folding spout and when it is folded it doesn’t leak. Tom says you can drop it and no water will come out of it.

When all the leaves fall off your tree it reveals all the dead, damaged limbs that are above that can come down in winter storms so that’s why now is a good time to trim back any of those. Tom says you can do that with a brand-new battery-operated chain saw. Green Machine has come out with a new 16 inch model. Tom says it has a 62 volt battery and it works just as good as a gas powered saw without any of the hassles of gas and no pull cords so you won’t pull your shoulder out trying to start it. He says you get 45 minutes of cut time. You can find this and other Green Machine products exclusively at Homedepot.com

As temperatures drop, our heating bills go up. Tom says take a look at LG Red. The red stands for reliable to extreme degrees and LG technology is built into the LG HVAC products. It gives you incredible efficiency comfort even in the coldest climates. Tom says that is something most HVAC systems can’t do. He says this equipment is going to maintain it’s efficiency down to five degrees and it can actually heat homes down to -13 degrees.

What is the latest in flooring? Tom says a completely new category of flooring now is called Durabond. Tom says it is hybrid resilient flooring and that is a term you are going to hear a lot about. It is scratch resistant, dent resistant and as a matte- of-fact Tom wanted to make sure it was dent and scratch resistant so they tested it by slamming it with hammers to see if they could dent it. He also ran his sander over it to see if he could wear off the surface. He could not. It was also water resistant. It is available exclusively at LL Flooring. Tom says the best thing is the price, $3.99 a square foot.

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