July 15, 2024
What exactly is the millennial aesthetic for home decor?

Millennials and post-millennials, or the Gen Z, have embraced personalisation and digital culture in such a way that it is finding a place in their living spaces. Unlike the generations before them, their inspiration is derived from the constant ever-changing landscape around them, both digital and physical. Going to great lengths to express their individuality is important to them. 

So creating a home that mirrors their style leads them to choosing bespoke, one-of a kind objects and furniture. They are a self-aware and restless cohort, and no space reflects their sensibilities than their abode. 

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Some points that are important to factor in as the needs of these generations evolve:

Local appeal

Indigenous products blending traditional and contemporary elements have taken the forefront. These generations want to bring global trends inside their homes but through a local store or brand. 

They want to associate with brands that are transparent, authentic, and rooted. They are constantly paying more attention to deeper narratives that are telling of a brand’s values and mission, and how they engage with the community to bring out their sentiments in the products they create. 

Less is more

Millennials are more likely to champion the “less is more” approach when it comes to decor. They do not believe in the convenience of generic décor schemes that lack thought and personality. and is meant to have a calming effect while exuding a peaceful aura. Irrespective of where the person is from, millennials love minimalism. Clean lines, reductive, uncluttered, monochromatic, these are the words that come to mind when thinking about minimalism. These generations are more into statement pieces that also emphasise a more minimalist approach—think Amethyst dessert bowls, Longpi clay vases, Suf embroidered table linen. They prefer earthy schemes that are reminiscent of nature, proving sometimes that less is indeed more. Minimalism and functionality go hand in hand, as well as investing in classic timeless pieces.

Aesthetic is the winner

Millennials are obsessed with creating an aesthetic that is unique to only them. This cohort is defined as one of the most unique, value- and product-driven generations. They care about social impact, have a strong desire for individuality and consider curating aesthetic boards for their lives and spaces as a channel of discovering their inner selves, providing a unique look into emerging subculture and passions. 

With their interest turning to sustainability, it translates into a demand for more natural colours and textures. 

Table décor has taken the centre stage, and a millennial approach to a beautiful table setting includes a mix of pieces that lend not just beautifully to the aesthetic but also makes for great conversation. Like handcrafted pieces such as terracotta plates, hand-blown glassware, wood or marble, and vintage objects they may have collected or been in the family over the years. In general, modern design, which emphasises sleek lines and minimal ornamentation, feels at once contemporary and rooted in tradition. This makes it easy to mix it in with other styles, thus making it an obvious choice and a great investment.  

The new generation is all about personalising their spaces. The beauty of personalisation can be seen in the kind of homes they pick and how they decorate these homes with handmade pieces or artistic features that evoke personal and emotional appeal. 

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Kanupriya Verma is the CEO of Ikai Asai, a textile and homeware brand.