June 20, 2024

Being a plus size woman, it’s not easy to feel included, especially when you look around stores, and even many online shops, and they don’t have anything in your size. It’s a common scenario that should have been rectified already. 

Thankfully, Sculptshe is an inclusive brand that aims to promote self-love and women empowerment through garments that will make you feel powerful inside and out. How will you know which shapewear to own though? Here are the different plus size body shapers that would be helpful to have in your closet:

  • Plus Size Seamless Bodysuit for Everyday Wear

It’s important for you to have shapewear bodysuits that you can rely on to shape your body in a way the makes you confident to wear anything you want. A plus size seamless bodsuit from Sculptshe offers these amazing features:

  • Open-bust design
  • Triple tummy control
  • Smooth and silk-like fabric for comfort
  • Lace edges and anti-slip strips
  • Firm body slimming fabrics for a smooth silhouette

Sculptshe Plus Size Seamless Firm Triple Control Underwear Bodysuit

2. Empowering Lace Thong Bodysuit

Every girl needs a power garment that will boost confidence and make you feel like you can do anything. This Sculptshe bodysuit has a sexy design featuring intricate lace. 

As a plus size woman, you can most definitely benefit from an empowering garment that will make you feel the beautiful person that you are.

Sculptshe Lace Thong Back Bodysuit Lingerie

3. Slimming Seamless Panty

A full body shaper is not for everyone, especially since some women do not want full garment on their upper body. Hence, a slimming seamless panty is the best investment, especially for an everyday shapewear. 

It perfectly hooks to your bra for a seamless look. You can most definitely wear it with your everyday clothes, corporate outfits, and favorite summer dresses.

Sculptshe Slimming Belly Seamless Brief Panty

4. Form-Fitting Tummy Band

A tummy band is a must-have especially if you want the ultimate waist-cinching in your stomach area. As a plus size woman, the most problematic area in our bodies are usually the fat rolls, muffin tops, and excess fat, especially if the jeans are too tight. Which is why wearing a tummy wrap or a plus size waist trainer that is totally customizable is a blessing because the body gets a personalozed body shaper that targets specific parts in the stomach.

  • Comfortable and Adjustable Open Bust Bodysuit

Much like Sculptshe’s plus size seamless bodysuit, a similar version is this open bust bodysuit. Instead of shorts, it has a built-in panty which is better if you’re going to wear shorts or pants. 

Sculptshe Adjustable Straps Open Bust Bodysuit

  • Full Bodysuit for an Excellent Posture

Plus-size women’s bodies are unique and gorgeous. However, some women fail to maximize their voluptuous bodies. This is why it’ s essential to get a body shaper that will help you have a better posture, especially if you’re not used to sitting nd standing upright. 

Having excellent posture through compression shapewear allows you to also show off your outfits better, and for you to walk with an empowered smile.

  • Firm Control Body Shaper for a Smoother Shape Line

If you need something with a higher compression, Sculptshe’s firm control body shaper might just be for you. It features:

  • Double closure to ensure maximum compression
  • Open crotch design easy bathroom breaks
  • Adjustae straps for the perfect fit

Sculptshe Open Crotch Underbust Bodysuit Firm Control

  • All-in-One Shapewear for Corporate Attire

Make your life easy by having an all-in-one shaper that you can just wear underneath your corporate attire, and go to work. 

It is stretchable so it provides the essential flexibility for you to move without limitations.

It comes in beige, black and coffee which are neutrals that you can perfectly match with your office outfits.

These plus-size body shapers are helpful both for everyday and occasional wear. They have different function for different body goals and clothing styles.

Sculptshe is a reputable brand that you can trust for your bodyshaping needs. Besides the high quality, you can take advantage of the wholesale prices that you won`t see anywhere else.