June 18, 2024

While healthy eating is often a priority for many people, the reality is that the concept is easier said than lived. With the new WW PersonalPoints Program, the individualized concept ensures that “no two plans are alike.” Beyond achieving the goal, this program ensures that sustaining that healthy lifestyle as a priority.

Whether it is a New Year’s resolution, a significant birthday or just a desire to have a more balanced lifestyle, change can be invigorating. Unfortunately, as the days pass, the excitement starts to wane and the old habits can return.

With the new WW PersonalPoints Program, the concept looks to make it “easier for members to achieve their goals and sustain them over time.” While no food is ever off limits with WW, the idea is to make a balanced lifestyle easier to manage.

Celebrating people’s uniqueness should go beyond their personal style. As Mindy Grossman, President and CEO at WW said, “PersonalPoints is individualized in a way that has never been done before – built around your favorite foods, your metabolism and your goals – so you can still embrace and savor all of life’s moments. We give you the tools to build powerful habits – without restrictions, but with results.”

How is WW PersonalPoints Program different?

Since the goal is to adapt the concepts to individuals, WW PersonalPoints Program looks at three aspects to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle that feels less like a program and more like a way of being. With no food off the table, the reality is that the adaptable approach ensures that long-term goals are not met but also maintained.

Through the new WW food algorithm, healthy eating is made simple. From adding a fiber component to distinguishing between sugar and added sugar, the idea is to adapt to the nutrition to the food that people eat.

One new component is the ZeroPoint food. This food is described as “nutritional powerhouses that members reach for often and do not need to be weighed, measured or tracked.” For example, one ZeroPoint food option is avocado. These foods not only are satisfying but are often popular choices that go with a variety of recipes.

This ZeroPoint food option is a key factor to making the WW PersonalPoints Program adaptable to any situation. When people can adapt the food they love into a healthy eating lifestyle, it takes that feeling of deprivation off the table. It is a mental benefit that makes these food changes more manageable.

Since healthy eating is only one component of a balanced lifestyle, WW PersonalPoints Program leverages behavioral science to keep those positive choices rolling. From hitting daily water goals to encouraging movement, all the pieces come together to keep everyone engaged. Like a ball rolling down a hill, once that momentum starts it is easy to keep going.

With the new WW PersonalPoints Program, healthy eating becomes a realistic, sustainable part of any balanced lifestyle. It is time to ditch the extreme and focus on becoming the best personal you.