September 28, 2023

All the Ways to Wear is a monthly series in which Who What Wear editors, staffers, and friends describe the personal twists they’re giving a particular item, style, or trend.

As an elder millennial on TikTok, I often find myself cringing at some of the fashion trends making their way back onto the scene (not to mention the confusion I feel when a new dance move appears on my FYP). But when the algorithm decides to work in my favor, I’ll suddenly find a trend that I like, and my faith in the app is restored. This season, I’ve been spotting lug-sole boots both on TikTok and in my market research. The trend isn’t new per se, but this season, lug-sole boots do feel more approachable than they have in years past, and I’m here for it.

Model Nya Grace, content creator Alisha Revel, and fashion designer Maaria Deek are all style superstars on TikTok and have been on my radar since I first discovered their short clips. I was lucky enough to tap the three Gen-Z content creators to put together outfits with their favorite SOREL boots for fall. This season, the footwear brand has created styles that are chic and functional for all of us who lead an unstoppable lifestyle, and it truly shows. I now have a bevy of outfits I want to re-create (plus a running list of boots I need), and I have a feeling you might want to re-create them, too. See the outfits and shop the boots below.

What’s one way you styled your lug-sole boots for fall?

To start off my week, I paired the Sandy Tan Brex Lace Bootie with a cute pair of functional cargo pants and a mini fleece vest to keep myself warm.

How do these boots help you get through your day, and what makes them so functional?

I live in NYC, and my feet tend to hurt after a long day of walking from casting to casting. But when I wore both the Brex Heel Lace Bootie and the Brex Lace Bootie, my feet felt so cushioned. I also love how the soles are rubber, so if something splashes on them, I can just wipe it off.

SOREL Brex Lace Bootie ($180)

What’s your favorite trend of the season, and how do these shoes work with that trend?

I’m currently reallyinto earth tones. I can’t stress that enough—I love the natural browns, greens, and oranges we see when the leaves change color. So why not match them? The Brex Heel Lace Bootie in this olive shade was the perfect option to style with a pair of navy flares and a rusty longer coat. I got through my entire day in these, and the compliments kept flowing in.

SOREL Brex Heel Lace Bootie ($180)

How did you style your lace-up lug-sole boots?

I wanted to see how these SOREL lace-up boots in chalk would pair with a casual and chic look. I love how effortlessly they match with a vegan-leather ‘fit and an easy-going plaid button-up. These boots can really handle anything—style and weather included.

What’s your favorite trend of the season?

My favorite trend is oversize boyfriend blazers. A boyfriend blazer is the perfect statement piece to style with these moto-inspired lace-up boots.

SOREL Brex Lace Bootie ($180)

How did you style a heeled version of the lug-sole boot?

I wanted to be as trendy and functional as this black and cherry bootie. It never really gets cold in the south, so I paired my favorite biker shorts with the boyfriend blazer to account for the cooler mornings and warmer afternoons.

What do you love most about the SOREL boots?

The comfort is insane—plain and simple. You’d think the platform would make the Chelsea boots unbearable by the end of the day, but they’re just as comfortable as an old pair of sneakers because of the memory EVA footbed. Just genius.

SOREL Brex Heel Chelsea Bootie ($160)

How do these boots help you get through your day, and what makes them so functional?

I work full-time as a corporate fashion designer and do social media on the side. Between fit sessions, social events, and my personal life, I’m on my feet all day. Wearing comfortable and stylish shoes is a must for me. SOREL boots slip on when I’m in a hurry and keep me comfortable all day while complementing all my trendy outfits.

I also love maximizing my closet so I can style my favorite pieces in many ways. The Brex Heel Chelsea Booties are so versatile and can be dressed up and down, like with a black suit or with a pair of faux-leather pants. It’s not your typical pairing, but I love how it brings an extra edge to these classic pieces.

SOREL Brex Heel Chelsea Bootie ($160)

How else are you styling the lug-sole trend this season?

I love these boots with a touch of leather or with denim. Honestly, they work with an array of bottoms.

What’s your favorite trend of the season, and how do these shoes work with that trend?

I can’t get enough of the leather trend this fall. These platform SOREL boots pair perfectly with all things leather from puffer jackets to pants.

SOREL Brex Chelsea Bootie ($160)

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